Convoluted human evolution: Speedy HARs (Introduction)

by dhw, Friday, August 19, 2016, 12:23 (910 days ago) @ David Turell

DAVID: The Scientist website has published a diagram showing how small differences in HARs between human and chimp to achieve the evolutionary changes. Please look at the site to see it:

DAVID'S comment: Just slight tweaking. It shows why the genome of humans and chimps is 98% the same when looked at without regard for tiny differences like these.

Unfortunately, I can't get onto this site. It seems to jam my computer. However, your comment is enlightening in itself. It only takes a tiny tweak to create the great gulf between chimps and humans. And the same applies to the switch from fins to hands:
"The new discovery could help make sense of the intermediate fish with limb-like fins that Dr. Shubin and his colleagues have unearthed. These animals still used the molecular addresses their ancestors used. But when their cells reached their addresses, some of them became endochondral bone instead of fin rays. It may have been a simple matter to shift from one kind of tissue to another.
“'This is a dial that can be tuned (sic),” Dr. Shubin said."

“A slight tweaking”, and “it may have been a simple matter”. Perhaps, then, we should stop harping on about the enormous complexity of the required changes, as if it is beyond the scope of the cell communities themselves to make these tweaks and shifts.

DAVID's comment: Common descent is hard to deny with a study like this. God tunes the dial.

Maybe (theistic version) God created the dial, and left it to the organisms themselves to do the tuning.

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