Convoluted human evolution: Tattersall's take (Introduction)

by BBella @, Sunday, February 21, 2016, 21:14 (1433 days ago) @ David Turell

BBella I believe that it is here, at this point mentioned in your thoughts above, that Sheldrakes Morphogenic Resonance within the Morphogenic field comes into play, drawing different aspects of information within the field of "what Is" together to create the next level of "what Is". This is change using the fabric: Quantum Potential.

But I believe you are misusing the 'potential'. The equations that describe quantum mechanics are covering all the potential possibilities of reactions, not the potential of knowledge, which is what you seem to imply.

I think of the Q "potential" not as knowledge but as the carrier (for lack of a better metaphor) that allows information to get from point a to point b (invited by wave or vibration). But it is not independent it is harmonic or mutual filling both wants/needs of the creative force.

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