God and evolution; a Mormon view (Evolution)

by dhw, Tuesday, March 06, 2018, 15:48 (639 days ago) @ David Turell

dhw: In other words, watching with interest – as you once put it. Yes indeed, your God (if he exists) might deliberately have created a mechanism that would enable living organisms and life’s history to evolve autonomously. Fits in perfectly with what facts we have.

DAVID: It sounds like deism. It does fit the facts if you limit your thinking.

Either it fits the facts or it doesn’t. All our thinking is limited, but we continue to look for explanations that fit the facts we have. Another theistic explanation I’ve heard is that God taught the weaverbird to tie its knots so that nature would be balanced so that life could go on until God could fulfil his one and only purpose, which was to produce the brain of Homo sapiens. What do you think of that one?

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