God and evolution (Evolution)

by David Turell @, Monday, April 03, 2017, 15:44 (1026 days ago) @ dhw

dhw: The concept of delay is YOURS not mine! It arises out of your insistence that the production of humans was your God’s only purpose. If they were not his purpose, their arrival cannot be called delayed! You later reject this interpretation, as "evolution requires time because of process. Thus delay." Of course evolution, whatever its outcome, takes time, but once again: there is only a delay if there is a specific purpose. If humans were not the specific purpose, there is no delay.

I know it was my idea. In these discussions I ruminate about possibilities and we explore them. 'Limits' and 'delay' are ideas we explored, not carved in stone.

dhw: The problem, however, is not that dogma by itself, but the gap between it and your other dogma, which is that your God personally designed every life form, lifestyle and natural wonder extant and extinct, and did so for the sake of humans. When I pin this down to precise examples (the weaverbird’s nest, the monarch butterfly’s lifestyle, the fly’s compound eye) you cannot find a “clear explanation” concerning how they are related to his only goal.

The clear explanation is balance of nature and eco-niche production of energy for a long evolutionary process.

dhw:The alternative to the unbridgeable gap is to remove one of the two dogmas that have created it: 1) the production of humans was NOT your God’s only purpose. 2) God did NOT personally design the nest, the lifestyle, the compound eye. Aren’t these possibilities worth considering, instead of merely claiming that God did it your way but you can’t find a “clear explanation”?

Explanation given above, the same as usual.

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