Natural Wonders & Evolution (Evolution)

by dhw, Saturday, September 28, 2019, 10:46 (367 days ago) @ David Turell

DAVID: I'll repeat: if God is the Creator what happened is what He chose to do. Again, you want your God to be in a hurry, very human-like.

dhw: Of course if he exists, what happened is what he chose to do. And I’m suggesting that what happened provides no support for the theory that a totally-in-control God chose to create billions of non-life-bearing solar systems, stars, planets etc., and billions of non-human life forms, lifestyles and natural wonders for the sole purpose of specially designing H. sapiens.

DAVID: I'm sorry you can't see the logic. God evolves what He wants.

It is of course logical that God, if he exists, does what he wants. However, I’m sorry you can’t see how illogical it is to have him “want” just one planet and just one life form, and yet specially design billions of other planets and life forms.

DAVID: Any supposition about His reasons are simply guesses.

dhw: And that includes yours, but you have no idea why your God would have chosen your idea of his method in order to accomplish your idea of his purpose.

DAVID: You like guessing. I don't try.

Your whole theory is an illogical guess about God’s single purpose, total control, and needing to specially design every branch of the bush to “cover” his inexplicable delay. What you “don’t try” is to recognize that its illogicality could mean it is wrong, and to consider other explanations of your God and his work which ARE logical.

DAVID: As a non-believer, of course you don't follow my reasoning.

dhw: As a believer, you can’t explain your reasoning, whereas I have offered you a number of different theistic explanations which even you acknowledge to be perfectly logical. Please don’t argue that my agnosticism provides an explanation for what you cannot explain!

DAVID You still can't recognize I accept what god created and don't try to guess why.

Your guesses are described above (in bold), and my agnosticism does not provide any explanation for what you yourself cannot explain.

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