Natural Wonders & Evolution (Evolution)

by David Turell @, Tuesday, September 24, 2019, 14:51 (373 days ago) @ dhw

dhw: I am not questioning your God’s “works” but I am questioning your interpretation of his reasoning. I believe you are as human as I am, so do please tell me in your own human way why wanting total control is not “humanizing” but wanting only partial control is “humanizing”. If you can’t, then please say so, and we can move on.

DAVID: I view God as an all-powerful non-human Being considering what He has created. Why should He give up any of his control? He also is fully purposeful in reaching His goals.

dhw; I have no problem with the concept of God being all-powerful and non-human, and being fully purposeful in reaching his goals. I note the plural, which contradicts your theory that his sole purpose was to design H. sapiens and he “had to design” all the other earlier life forms because he had decided not to start designing H. sapiens for 3.X billion years.

You've forgotten God had intermediate goals of producing a universe that is fine-tuned for life. evolved a special Earth, created life, and finally reached His endpoint of humans.

dhw: [/b] You do not believe that your God would give evolution free rein, and claim that this “humanizes” him, but still you refuse to say why wanting full control is not humanizing whereas not wanting full control is humanizing.

My God is not human and is not wishy-washy allowing organisms or invent what they want. He is in full control and fully purposeful. Of course certain of his wishes are like human wishes, but you constantly forget we cannot actually know his thoughts.

DAVID: You keep calling my thoughts as irrational. I don't find them that way. The God you attempt to describe in your supposed theism mode is just a humanized form who acts irrationally.

dhw: It is you who have no idea why your God would have chosen your interpretation of his goal and method, as bolded above. So of course it is your thoughts that are irrational. You have accepted that the alternatives I have offered are perfectly logical/rational and fit in with the history, but they do not fit in with your theory and so you reject them all!

I reject them as guesses not recognizing what history shows: if God is the creator, what we see is what and how He created it. Thus, God evolved life.

DAVID: I don't try to find God's choice of method as logical or illogical. I simply accept His choice.

dhw: You simply accept your INTERPRETATION of his choice, and have no idea why he would act in such an illogical way!

DAVID: I don't try to understand His logic, as it is all guesses. That is logical. That is an answer.

dhw: So you would rather maintain your fixed belief in a guess which defies all human logic, and assume that your God does not think in a way that would be logical and reasonable to us humans.

See above. Again you apply human logic to a concealed God. God's works tell us what He did, and it is patently obvious that evolution is the way He chose. You are the illogical one.

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