Natural Wonders & Evolution (Evolution)

by David Turell @, Thursday, September 26, 2019, 19:48 (369 days ago) @ dhw

DAVID: You've forgotten God had intermediate goals of producing a universe that is fine-tuned for life. evolved a special Earth, created life, and finally reached His endpoint of humans.

dhw: I haven’t forgotten that according to you he specially designed billions of stars and solar systems in order to produce one solar system with one planet which would sustain life, the sole purpose of which was to specially design H. sapiens….continued above in bold.

DAVID: You might well ask why God waited 13.78 billion years to produce humans. Why not do it all at once?

dhw: It is you who should be asking that question, since it is you who insist that he specially designed all the non-life-bearing solar systems in order to design one planet, and he designed all the living forms in order to design one species! Yet again, you take the history, acknowledge that you have no idea why your God would choose such a roundabout way of designing the only thing he wanted to design, but refuse to acknowledge that maybe he didn’t wait 13.78 billion years just in order to specially design Planet Earth, and maybe he didn’t wait 3.X billion years just in order to specially design a succession of hominids and homos before specially designing the only homo he wanted to design. As always, it is your theory about the purpose that makes the method inexplicable.

I'll repeat: if God is the Creator what happened is what He chose to do. Again, you want your God to be in a hurry, very human-like.

DAVID: My God is not human…

dhw: Nobody imagines that God is human.

DAVID:….and is not wishy-washy allowing organisms or invent what they want.

dhw: There is nothing wishy-washy about creating a mechanism to produce a constantly changing bush of life!

DAVID: And lose His full control? That is your humanized God.

Yet again you refuse to say why you think a God who wishes to maintain full control is not human, whereas a God who deliberately sacrifices control is human.

DAVID: He is in full control and fully purposeful. Of course certain of his wishes are like human wishes, but you constantly forget we cannot actually know his thoughts.

dhw: And yet you insist that you do know his thoughts: “Humans are my goal, and I have decided..." as bolded above. And STILL you do not tell us why wanting to be in full control is not human, whereas wanting to be in partial control is human.

DAVID: I DO NOT KNOW His thoughts. I recognize His choice of method, but cannot know His reasons for that choice, but your humanized God seems to know.

dhw: Of course you don’t know them, but you kid yourself that you do, because you insist that your combined choice of purpose (why have you left that out?) and method was his, as above. My God, just like yours, would definitely know his reasons for creating life, and you have absolutely no grounds for assuming that those reasons are not logical by human standards and are inaccessible to humans.

Any supposition about His reasons care simply guesses.

DAVID: It is not entirely inaccessible, as we can make logical human guesses as you have, but that is all they ever will be, guesses. Thus I accept His choices without question.

dhw: Of course they are guesses, but what you accept without question is that YOUR incomprehensible version of his “choices” is HIS version!

As a non-believer, of course you don't follow my reasoning

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