An Alternative to Evolution: Expounded Upon (Introduction)

by David Turell @, Tuesday, July 31, 2018, 15:23 (703 days ago) @ dhw

DAVID: My approach has been that single cells, either as bacteria or part of multicellular organisms are programmed to respond to stimuli by a series of molecular reactions which are intelligently designed to solve the problem presented. The scientists dhw quotes simply say the cells react intelligently. Of course they do. Research shows the molecular reactions, nothing more. Intelligently planned reactions, noting no mental action is implied, is the logical conclusion.

dhw: None of them “simply say the cells react intelligently”. They say a great deal more than that, so please don’t pretend that they have come to the same “logical conclusion” as you have.

DAVID: I pretended nothing of the kind. Do you read the same words I write. It is my conclusion as I stated.

Note the bold. That is all research shows!

dhw: You pretended that “the scientists simply say the cells react intelligently” and that the research shows nothing more than intelligently planned molecular reactions. Therefore the (not “my”) logical conclusion is that “no mental action is required”. Of course that would be “the” logical conclusion. But the scientists don’t “simply say” that, and “nothing more than…” is NOT what their research shows! Your “simply say” leaves out the all-important fact that they say their research shows that mental action IS required. I have corrected this error in your post by quoting what the scientists actually do say. (my bold)

And I have said that is their interpretation of what research shows. You are touting interpretations, not any proven reality. My interpretation is just as valid as theirs. Their research shows nothing of the sort! Please think more clearly. See Tony's comments today.

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