An Alternative to Evolution: Questions (Introduction)

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Tony:When mRNA is being transcribed by rRNA, how are tRNA molecules messaged so that the bring the correct amino acid molecules for protein building?

Is there a level of communication happening outside the Genome, and if so, can we find it and decode it?

What triggers the ticker tape action of rRNA, causing it to advance?

Is there a quality control check that happens before the rRNA advances along the mRNA?

How does the mRNA find the ribosome, or vice versa?

Once proteins are created, what signals are issued to announce the fact so that it can move on to its new assignment?

David: All of this exactly what we do not know. It is why we have to accept design, and an enormous store of information for function.

Tony: Anyone want to wager that the answer will be found to be a different kind of signal, something from the EM spectrum. Something chemical independent.

David: I wouldn't be surprised

Tony: As reviewed by Reguera et al. [6] there are at least three physical cell-to-cell communication channels: sound, electric current and electromagnetic radiation. Since the cell cultures of the experiment performed by Chaban et al. are not in direct contact with each other and since signaling based on electrical currents needs a direct connection between the cells or an exchange via a medium, this type of signaling can be excluded as a possible cause of the observed effect. In addition, sound is fairly unlikely to be the physical communication signal in the experimental setup of Chaban et al. since sound would be greatly damped by the used setup involving different damping media (i.e. water, plastic). Thus, these physical conditions highlight the involvement of electromagnetic radiation, rather than electrical current or sound.

David: Thank you for a fascinating article. Electric current creates/carries electromagnetic radiation, and life runs partially on electricity as well as secretory and molecular signals.

I also thought it was interesting that they responded to sound. We also know that they can respond to other parts of the em spectrum, such as magnetism, and gravity (and yes, gravity has been confirmed as part of the em spectrum, as I have been predicted on this site a few years back). This also ties back to my hypothesis Framework #8 & #9. Operating on the level of the em spectrum also allows for superfast communication that is not limited by chemical reaction times. It could explain parts of the cellular communication network.

If I may hazard a crude observation, it seems to me like the cellular communication system is much like the one designed by humans, though undoubtedly far superior. The brain acts as a central server, passing data through high throughput data transmission lines (the nervous system). The nerves themselves act like cellphone towers, broadcasting the signal they have received through the hard lines of the nervous system. If cells are able to rebroadcast the signal on some level of the em spectrum, it could account for some of the lightening fast response times we see in living creatures.

What is the purpose of living? How about, 'to reduce needless suffering. It seems to me to be a worthy purpose.

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