An Alternative to Evolution: pt 1 cont.. (Introduction)

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  • 1 Any Function may have parameters that will affect the output of the Function when it is expressed.
  • 2 That the cellular environment modifies the Functions expression as a input parameter.
  • 3 That while real time parameter(input) changes will temporarily alter the Functions output or expression, the Function itself will remain unaltered.
  • 4 There must be a way for external stimuli to be reacted to at a cellular level. (Adaptation)
  • 5 The genetic instructions for any given adaptation must already exist within the DNA of the organism.
  • 6 Most adaptations will be found to be variables within a Function that are conserved.
  • 7 These Function variables are constrained to within hard limits, as if using a -1 to 1 scale.
  • 8 If the hard limits could be identified, outliers beyond those limits, through genetic malfunctions, will be found to be ultimately deleterious to the organism.
  • 9 Because the underlying Function has not been altered, only the input, it is possible for later generations to revert, though the process would take several generations, most likely.
  • 10 Reverting to a previous genetic state is only possible if the genetic information required for the initial state has been conserved. Deleterious mutations could prevent later reversion.
  • 11 These Functions will have quality control processes that attempt to validate incoming parameter variables and output results.
  • 12 That there will be no non-functional code. If a code appears non-functional, it will generally be a function we have not discovered yet. This does not preclude legacy malfunctioning code. Malfunctioning code is non-operative, not non-functional in the sense that it did not originally have a function.
  • 13 Life is very dependent upon time and timing. Function timing will be tightly controlled.(Enzymes)

What is the purpose of living? How about, 'to reduce needless suffering. It seems to me to be a worthy purpose.

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