An Alternative to Evolution: Expounded Upon (Introduction)

by David Turell @, Wednesday, July 18, 2018, 15:33 (716 days ago) @ Balance_Maintained

Tony: 5 There will be safe guards in place to prevent incompatible functions either from coexisting or from operating in the same organism at the same time. If co-existence is forced, the organism will generally die, or at the very least, be sterile, preventing the spread of incompatible functions. (These prevent speciation as defined in literature)

7 That Function design will largely be conserved across all species requiring similar function, regardless of heredity. In short, functionality is more important than descent. (This states ecological niche, not common descent, will be shown to be the primary driver for genetic similarity)

Genetic information:

1 That no natural process will add Functions to a species that it did not already possess. This does not preclude appropriating an existing functions by altering its input parameters to achieve a different output.
2 That random mutations can not create new information for Natural Selection to act on.
4 It is impossible for life to evolve, increase in complexity, without the addition of information.
5 There is no known natural process for increasing biological information.

If random mutations can not account for new functionality, then common descent is irrelevant, as is the concept of 'evolving' from simpler to more complex. So, yes, my hypothesis tackles both of the elements of the Theory of Evolution: Common Descent and Natural Selection through random mutation as a means for increased complexity.

I am truly tired of arguing over the TITLE of this friggin piece rather than the content of it, which is what has been happening since I posted it. I'm not playing this word game anymore. Literally all it is doing is taking away from the heart of what I am trying to work towards, and does nothing to continue to help refine the hypothesis. If you want to quibble over it whether or not I titled the post right or whether or not the Theory of Evolution requires random mutations over time transmitted through common descent that are acted upon by natural selection as stated in the literature, then by all means, continue, but I'm not going to participate in that. It is a waste of energy and time and all it does is generate needless friction and tension. Argue the science of my hypothesis.

There are two ways to use the term common descent as I see it: first is the Darwin view of descent with a natural graduated modification from one form to another. The second is punctuated equilibrium in which there is modification, but the gaps in the modification are so large it is never by graduated modification, but implies a designed modification which is not a result of natural forces. My view is the latter is the correct theory and is what I imply when I use the term common descent. I do not accept Darwin's view of common descent.

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