autonomy v. automaticity (Evolution)

by dhw, Friday, April 06, 2018, 11:27 (501 days ago) @ David Turell

DAVID: I'll stick with the point that multicellularity is a much more fragile form of life that requires a diversity that produces a balance of nature for a food supply. Bacteria are also widely diverse and are better built for survival. This points out the differing needs for diversity. Diversity as a goal in itself is not a reason for its existence.
dhw: The purpose of diversity would therefore seem to be to provide different foods so that different forms of life can survive or not survive. Sounds to me like diversity for the sake of diversity.

DAVID: Somehow in disagreeing you sound like you agree: diversity does provide the food needed for survival. The fact that some fail to survive is not the point.

What IS the point? You argue that all this specially designed diversity with a 99% rate of disappearance was to keep life going till your God could fulfil his purpose of producing the brain of Homo sapiens. I have suggested his purpose might have been to set in motion the ever changing spectacle that constitutes the history of life on Earth, and humans are part of that spectacle. Your version leads to all the gaps I keep pointing out, such as your inability to decide if he is or is not in full control, if he did or did not deliberately create bad bacteria and viruses, why he needed eight stages to evolve the whale and umpteen stages and 3.x billion years to evolve sapiens etc. But instead of facing up to the fact that your interpretation is full of such gaps, eventually your response boils down to the final one in today’s post:

DAVID: Because He is my God. You don't accept God, and keep trying to humanize Him. He doesn't think like you and I do.

But you and I think differently. You insist that you know his purpose (human brain) and methods (automatic programming or dabbling), but I offer a different interpretation (the changing spectacle, and autonomous, organismal/cellular intelligence). In trying to understand why evolution has followed the ever changing pattern of life’s history that we both discern, how do you know that he thinks like you do and not like I do?

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