Innovation and Speciation: pre-planning (Evolution)

by GateKeeper @, Saturday, May 31, 2014, 14:06 (1386 days ago) @ dhw

My bad guy. I have to say I think you guys are "professionals". me ... not so much.

Although, My must admit, that nobody, and I mean nobody on this planet can answer yes or no for you. I tell many "students. if your sage tells you I am wrong. You bring that sage to me. Sorry for the arrogance. But I draw the line when we are supposed to be 'teaching" others. And I know what I DON"T know.

At best we can answer with the information we have. Many, and I mean many, overstate or flat out mislead people. That my friend is a peeve of mine. If we use science, we have rules. If we don't not play by these rules then I may just take issue. I am more with rom on this 'god" thing. The only difference is I am not afraid to predict what T2 may be ... if we setup V/T=V/T.

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