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<Perhaps God is emergent.> - It seems to me that God could be considered the most basic commonality in all that is; change. The movement or the emergent, as Carl says above seems to fit. Without movement nothing is...right? So, you could replace movement, or change, or spirit (hebrew: breath)with the word God and still be on an even playing field. Isn&apos;t it all in what you choose to call it? Obviously, whatever you call it...IT IS. We are. And whatever IS is constantly who can grasp it? It would be like trying to grasp the wind. - dhw wrote: Richter&apos;s idea.... is not dissimilar to BBella&apos;s concept of vibrations. Perhaps somehow we are linked up to universal patterns of sound. - Possibly, this movement that IS, vibrates with sound which carries information as it changes. All the while, within change, different aspects of being emerges, as well as the appreciation of the different aspects of being within itself. The very force of movement drives ALL to be what IS within the constant change? The ability to behold (the eye to see) the change or movement within all that is, is to behold God (some might say). God recognizing itself as it beholds the change. We might question what &quot;began&quot; the first movement...why is it not possible there was no beginning movement, but that movement always was and IS and will always be. This what we have observed so far..right? This is what is spoken of in the Christian Bible as God. That which is without beginning or end. Maybe what we have been told was the &quot;big bang&quot; was nothing more than another spark of change within movement. Just some thoughts in the goo of change.

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