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by Carl, Wednesday, August 20, 2008, 23:14 (5817 days ago) @ dhw

I have often marveled while driving on the freeway that humans are capable of controlling two tons of steel at seventy miles per hour with only a few feet clearance on the sides and three car lengths in front and rear with only a rare accident. Plus, half of the drivers are below average intelligence. Humans certainly did not evolve to do this. Automobiles and driving was developed (I resist the word "evolved") and tailored to an innate ability. 
I think the same thing occurred with music. It was developed by selecting sounds that were pleasing. We did not evolve to like music, rather, music was developed to please us. People find different sounds pleasing depending on social identification and familiarity (Brahms vs. Black Sabbath). 
Also, sometimes we emphasize the survival aspect of evolution and forget the equally important function of reproduction. Maybe joining in the "moon howling" ceremonies improved the chances of getting a mate.

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