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by dhw, Thursday, September 04, 2008, 13:12 (5740 days ago) @ BBella

BBella has given us a personal account of an Out of Body Experience. - There have been many fascinating and thought-provoking contributions to the website, but this one really takes us into a new dimension. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. One of the problems when we read about such experiences is that normally there's a certain distance between reader and text, but your account is so direct (you are one of "us") that it opens up all the emotional as well as intellectual avenues. You've presented us with very special insights into a different plane of reality, and the connection you've established between creativity, mysticism and quantum physics is one which begs for more exploration. - I'd like to link it with a comment George made under the Atheism thread (21 August at 18.13): "What does it mean to talk about something 'beyond the natural, physical world'? If it is something we can sense in some way, perhaps using special hitherto undeveloped senses, then surely it must be natural or physical." None of us know where the borderlines are between the physical, the natural and what we tend to call the spiritual, but what you have described is the living proof that even within our own limits, we still have a vast area of untapped potential. - May I finish on a note of admiration. You have clearly survived the most terrible ordeal with extraordinary courage and not a trace of self-pity, and I'm sure your story will be inspirational to everyone, whatever their beliefs.

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