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Atheism presupposes that there is nothing beyond the physical world, which is why it puts its faith in science (i.e. the study of the physical world) to explain everything. But quite apart from the mystery of life's origins, there are other mysteries that seem to me to defy physical explanation. Perhaps contributors can add to the list, explain the effects, or provide an answer to one of the questions most frequently asked when writers and artists visit schools: "Where do the ideas come from?"
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For me, I find the answer in a simple explanation: sound/vibration. The universe and everything in it vibrates, and vibration gives off waves of sound. EVen colors give off sound/vibration. After my NDE or OBE, whatever one might call it, I became ultra aware of the vibration of all things. I wrote a poem in commemoration of this finding, altho I had not written a poem before, and this first poem began writing poetry, as well as drawing, painting, and/or anything that allowed me a creative expression. Altho I had been creative minded as a child (most children are), I'd never taken the time to create artistically since. I know too it was my taking the time to create (express my own vibration) that enhanced my physical as well as emotional healing. So, I would say whatever emotional level a person is vibrating at they will be drawn to those things around him that either soothe or effect them at their level of vibration, as well as be drawn to create, express, etc., within that level of vibration.

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