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by BBella @, Thursday, September 04, 2008, 07:05 (5740 days ago) @ David Turell

Ever since a dozen or so of my patients described NDE&apos;s and OOB&apos;s to me I&apos;ve been fascinated by the phenomenon, and the ultra-awareness that occurs afterward. I hope that you will be willing to describe your experience to us, the actual events in the NDE.< - I&apos;m still not exactly sure what the experience could be called, but probably an OBE (Out of Body Experience). I had become very ill and was confined to bed for all of the late 90&apos;s (about 5 yrs). I was in an inflammatory state of Rheumatoid and Psoriatic Arthritis. Nothing I did medically or naturally seemed to be able to cut thru the pain to give me any relief. I decided I could take the suffering no more and began to will myself to die. I wouldn&apos;t eat or drink I told myself and I would just go into myself and find that door to death and open it and walk thru it. Simple as that! I began by imagining myself on the otherside of death and cremation. I imagined I could see my family walk to the bridge where I had asked my family to throw my ashes into the rushing river below. I imagined myself becoming one with the flowing river rushing toward the sea I had so loved to visit but hadn&apos;t been able since my pain had become so severe. I could feel the joy of the flow and felt truly happy for the first time in so long, until the waves of the sea began to push be back onto the shore. I at first felt disappointment but then watched as my ashes began to form a new body from the golden sand on the beach. My body sparkled as the sun reflected the golden sand I was made of. I was really shining brightly!!! At that very moment one of my children entered the room and brought me abruptly out of my peaceful state. - The first thing I noticed was that my body was no longer in pain! I got up and walked around effortlessly and felt like something very extraordinary had happened to me that I couldn&apos;t explain right at that moment to my daughter as I didn&apos;t really understand just what or how it happened. At that moment we both felt a miracle had one of those things you read about but find hard to believe. Eventually, after several days passed, I did begin to feel the pain start to creep back in...but, it never returned to the level of pain as it was before the OBE, or whatever it was. - Nevertheless, it dawned on me that that I had within my own mind an untapped resource which had brought hope and excitement back into my life. My passion for living was renewed as I felt a whole new world had opened up for me to explore....the unknown world within me. Before this, nothing outside me had even brought a moments relief of pain, except for sleep. Yet, within my own mind, I found what nothing else could give me...relief, hope and an endless space to explore possibilities. Also, I began to feel and experience the world around me in a totally different way. I became more sensitive to sound and almost felt as if I never really heard or felt the world around me before. My mind may have been so loud before that my senses to the world around had become numbed. As I explored my mind I felt my body slowly begin to awaken and I began to notice how everything that happened around me effected me physically as well as emotionally. Eventually I found a link between my reactive emotional state and my physical pain. - After the initial experience, I began to record my journey within thru creativity. It just seemed like the most natural path to take at the time. I&apos;ve read a lot of other people&apos;s experience since, and it does seem that many of these experiences tend to lead a person toward a more creative path. It&apos;s like a side effect or something. I also began to study to understand more of just what happened to me from a scientific and even spiritual standpoint. So far, it seems the connection between mysticism and quantum physics seems to come closest to my own experience...which is how I came across certain books that addressed these connections, like: The Holographic Universe, The Dancing Wu Li Masters, and others like them. - Hope this wasn&apos;t too long and boring and sorry it took me so long to respond.

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