Dualism versus materialism again (Humans)

by David Turell @, Thursday, July 08, 2021, 15:30 (396 days ago) @ dhw

dhw: You keep stating that neurons receive consciousness. That is not a fact. It is your belief as a dualist. Neurons create consciousness is not a fact either. It is the belief of the materialist. I regard NDEs as possible evidence for dualism. I regard the influence of disease and drugs on people’s behaviour as possible evidence for materialism. I remain neutral.

DAVID: Fair enough.

dhw: But still you continue to present your belief in dualism as if somehow it nullified the argument for materialism. Hence the next exchange:

DAVID: […] Malfunctioning neurons are material and misfiring receivers of an immaterial consciousness. Thus two-part dualism. Neurons don't create consciousness as dhw seems to imply.

dhw: I do not “seem to imply” – I state categorically that any instance in which materials or material actions affect someone’s character and consequent behaviour - either negatively (the sickness) or positively (the cure) - can be taken as evidence for materialism. Conversely, I would argue that many psychic experiences, including NDEs, can be taken as evidence for dualism. You simply refuse to recognize that in nearly all our discussions, there are opinions which are just as understandable as your own.

DAVID: I know that. I fully understand your opinions. I just try to refute them as strongly as I can.

dhw: I am neutral on the subject, and present BOTH sides. You try to dismiss any evidence for any opinion that differs from your own by simply repeating your opinion as if it were a fact.

I'll keep refuting your approach.

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