Brain expansion (Evolution)

by David Turell @, Saturday, July 25, 2020, 20:51 (266 days ago) @ dhw

On the subject of expansion:

dhw: Do you or do you not agree that the modern brain complexifies when implementing new requirements? Our subject here is why the earlier brain expanded. The modern brain complexifies in response to requirements and even performs minor expansions. I argue that the same process may have been in action before sapiens, though in those times the brain needed greater capacity to cope with requirements, and so it was the mechanism for expansion that came into operation. You argue that the brain expanded BEFORE there were any new requirements.

dhw: As you have not commented on this, I will take it as read that you agree with my summary of our different approaches and have no issue with the logic of my own approach.

I always have an issue with your theory if brain expansion. Fully explained many times.

On the subject of shrinkage:

DAVID: I'll repeat., again: To allow us to use the brain as we wished so that the eventual brain would exactly fit our uses.

dhw: So God gave us what we needed plus 150cc extra. We didn’t use the extra (270,000 years of stasis) but it “allowed” us to think what we wanted to think. Perhaps I shouldn’t ask you how our not using it “allowed” thoughts we didn’t have, or thoughts we did have after 270,000 years, when it still wasn’t used and therefore disappeared. Perhaps I should just leave you to think what you want to think.
DAVID: We go 'round and 'round. I'll simply give you what is clear above: 'To allow us to use the brain as we wished so that the eventual brain would exactly fit our uses'.

dhw: “Clear”? It makes no sense! Why did he give us more brain than we needed for our uses? We didn’t need the extra brain for thoughts we didn’t have during the 270,000 years of stasis. And when we had our new thoughts, we still didn’t need the extra, so it disappeared. So what wishes did the useless 150 cc fulfil?

Please read carefully what I express, as it makes perfect sense to me. The larger brain allowed us through the mechanism of plasticity to tailor it for our exact future uses. And we did it. London cabbies have thickened areas as a result of our God-given brain mechanisms. How do you explain the oversize?? You haven't ever tried!!! I do all the possible explanations and you never try any, only criticize. What is your thought about it?

DAVID: The 150 cc disappeared into new networks of use by the plasticity mechanism and the system worked so well there were redundant areas that could be removed, and we ended up with a tailored brain that fit our needs exactly. Makes perfect sense.

dhw: Yes, it does. But it does not answer the question why your God inserted the redundant areas in the first place.'

What is your explanation? It happened. Mine makes pefect sense to me.

DAVID: When one thinks of God as very purposeful it is rather simple to spot reasons for His actions. Try my method, it works.

dhw: Except that you have not given us a reason. You have merely explained the process that got rid of the redundant areas. Your method of dodging issues never works.

Fill the dodge, if so dissatisfied. You never do. My explanation is logical. Tailoring through plasticity.

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