Brain expansion: pure Darwinian explanations (Evolution)

by dhw, Wednesday, June 17, 2020, 11:47 (405 days ago) @ David Turell

DAVID: Just for dhw: he will love this drive from environment approach:

QUOTE: Ever wonder how land animals like humans evolved to become smarter than their aquatic ancestors? You can thank the ground you walk on.

DAVID: a present just for dhw. In this conclusion we see the Darwin computer simulation garbage going in brings out a Darwinian garbage biased result out. Environment drives evolution and the individual organisms smartly know how to evolve themselves for the best advantage when it is all by chance, according to Darwinists. Note the bolded whale comment: if ocean environment is as detrimental as the author feels, why did the whales bother to become aquatic mammals??

In terms of intelligence, there are no land animals “like humans”. I’m surprised you haven’t said so, but perhaps you were too intent on dragging Darwin into the discussion, as if somehow that removed all credibility from the proposal. And I’m not convinced that the shrew is more intelligent than the shark. However, in terms of how evolution progresses, the article certainly makes good sense to me. (Re whales, I assume their ancestors returned to the water because under local conditions, food was more plentiful there.) Until humans arrived, the prime motivation for all activity would have been survival, and the quest for survival means that all organisms must adapt to or exploit their respective environments, constantly finding new forms of nourishment, accommodation, hunting, self-defence etc. That in turn requires intelligence, whether the intelligence is autonomous (my proposal) or controlled by your God (your proposal). Please explain why you reject this explanation of evolutionary advancement.

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