Brain expansion (Evolution)

by David Turell @, Sunday, June 14, 2020, 19:17 (407 days ago) @ dhw

DAVID: No adaptation we have ever seen creates a new species. New species do handle future conditions. and the consideration cannot be ignored

dhw: Nobody has ever seen the creation of a new species! That is why we theorize. But it would be absurd to discount adaptation to new conditions as a factor. So please give me an example of a species that adapts itself to new conditions before those conditions arise. Of course some new species will also handle future conditions – otherwise every species would die out when conditions change!

The human brain is a great example: arrived 315,000 years ago and really used to full capacity in the past 10,000 years!

DAVID: Do you still deny we have no evidence of tiny advancements? Just large gaps in size.

dhw: Do you expect to find fossils covering every single stage of an adaptation? We have very few fossils to cover thousands and thousands of years, and each find is a sensation...Why do you regard it as illogical that pelvises would adapt to the new size of skull, though there may have been many fatalities along the way?

Logically the changes have to be simultaneous. Otherwise not some/many fatalities but both Mothers and babies die. You have never left your Darwin background wanting tiny adaptations. Gould left Darwin to show evolution is nothing but gaps.

DAVID: Whose intelligence? It is obvious the immune systems have the intelligent instructions to build the library.

dhw: The library is the instructions on how to cope with new infections. So if your God gave cells the ABILITY to build the library, he must have given them the ability to create the instructions – and that ability is what I call cellular intelligence.

Totally backwards: contrary to all evidence. The library is created from scratch and filled with the newly constructed antibodies developed from existing intelligent instructions. The newborn only has colostrum at the start.

dhw: Every new infection requires different handling. That is why we need a library which grows with each new infection. Of course the result will be one form of killing or another. Please tell me what is incorrect in my summary of your theory.

This version is not like the above and is correct.

QUOTE: "While archeologists have long focused on the uniqueness of European markers of behavioral modernity, the new study is part of a growing awareness that many regions of the world saw extraordinary and complex new technologies emerge at the end of the Paleolithic.

DAVID: Again makes my point: Big brain hardly used until learned how to conceptualize more complex ideas. In my view it is the soul who learns to use. The size at the beginning shows the designer anticipates the use, obviously.

dhw: Our ancestors all hung around for hundreds of thousands of years with their larger brains and not much advancement. (We called it “stasis”.) It is the dualist’s soul, not the brain that “conceptualizes ideas”. The brain gathers information and IMPLEMENTS the soul’s ideas. In the case of H. sapiens, expansion ceased and complexification took over, and the dualist’s soul learned to use the larger brain by absorbing the information provided and by getting the brain to implement its ideas. How does this come to mean that the pre-sapiens soul couldn’t think up new concepts before the pre-sapiens brain expanded, and how do 280,000 years of stasis prove that God expanded the brain rather than the brain having expanded itself through implementing ideas cooked up by our ancestors’ souls – just as it complexifies itself now through the same process of brain responding to requirements of the soul?

Simple answer. The new large brain allowed the soul to invent new very advanced concepts that previous less complex brains could not allow the soul to create. In your cellular committee self-creation theory can you explain why the brain was produced oversized in the beginning? A mistake? Purposeful? If purposeful, what purpose? Can you describe the committee's discussion?

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