Cambrian Explosion: another complex organism (Introduction)

by David Turell @, Tuesday, September 17, 2019, 14:50 (193 days ago) @ dhw

DAVID: ID thinks He designed everything. I agree.

dhw: But please tell us which ID-ers support the view that God designed every life form etc. in order to fill in the time he had decided to wait before beginning to design the only thing he wanted to design: H. sapiens.

A list of names, and there are many is not necessary; follow uncommon descent website for a few days.

dhw: Let us remind ourselves that for you, “evolve” means specially design, and still you refuse to answer why it is more “humanizing” or “quasi-humanizing” and less logical to propose a God who gives free rein to evolution than to propose a fully-in-charge God who specially designs different stages of whale (times a few million other examples) in order to cover the time till he specially designs umpteen hominins and homos before specially designing the only thing he wants to design, which is H. sapiens.

DAVID: As above, I have stated our Gods differ. Mine is totally in charge and always knows what He wants to accomplish/produce. Yours is a humanized mamby/pamby laid back caricature of God.

dhw: And still you refuse to say why a hidden (your word) God who designs an autonomous inventive mechanism, and watches with interest (as you have suggested in the past) what that mechanism produces, is more human – let alone namby pamby – than a God who has one purpose and decides not to fulfil it for 3.X billion years, and therefore “has to” (your words) design millions of life forms etc. etc. to “cover the time” (your words) he has decided to take, though you “have no idea” (your words) why he would choose this method of fulfilling this purpose.

As usual I simply accept this was God's choice to use evolution and provide a huge bush of life for a food supply. God is not human and has his own reasons. Your complaint about Him is from human reasoning applied to Him.

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