Cambrian Explosion: another complex organism (Introduction)

by dhw, Saturday, September 14, 2019, 09:35 (196 days ago) @ David Turell

dhw: Yet another extraordinary creature apparently specially designed by your God to eat/be eaten in order to keep life going for 3.X billion years until he decided to specially design the only thing he had ever wanted to design - H. sapiens?

DAVID: The bold is your humanized version of my God.

dhw: It’s you who keep telling us that H. sapiens was his goal!

DAVID: You are asking why He shouldn't be impatient like us humans would be and get right to it. My God knows exactly what He has to do and does it in very logical fashion. Of course your humanized God looks silly.

dhw: There is nothing logical about having a single goal and then having to do a billion other things because you’ve decided not to pursue that goal for 3.X billion years!

DAVID: Silly comment: God started to pursue His goal when He created the universe 13.78 years ago. Everything else followed in order.

But that does not mean his goal was H. sapiens!!!!!


Under Natural wonders and evolution of whales:

QUOTE: "Early whales probably tried many different ways of swimming,” says Vautrin. He suggests that the first group to evolve the modern undulating mechanism may have out-competed the others.

DAVID: What is new is an explanation that forelegs may have dog-paddled for propulsion before changing into steering mechanism, which changes the anatomic arrangements of bones and muscles. What is not known is whether these protowhales swam on the surface or were more aquatic, and developed the required complex physiological changes. I still view God doing the design changes which are obviously stepwise. My bold of your sentence is not as I have imagined arm to flipper changes. There were stages as designed by God from hoof to flipper. A pure hoof would have very little propulsion so I assume they entered the water with some early changes.

So now we have your God, whose one and only purpose is to design H. sapiens, specially designing one stage of pre-whale after another – having provided a few alterations before pre-whales entered the water – and the reason why he preprogrammed the first cells with all these changes or, alternatively, kept popping in to do another dabble, was to provide a food supply to keep life going, because he had decided to take 3.X billion years before starting to specially design all the different stages of hominin and homo that would eventually lead to you and me. No wonder you have no idea why he chose such a process. :-(

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