Cambrian Explosion: another article on early brains (Introduction)

by dhw, Sunday, November 15, 2015, 13:24 (1595 days ago) @ David Turell

dhw: In my hypothesis, “intelligent cells” combine their intelligence to form multicellular organisms, ....Every new step - for example, the invention of "nerve-like cells" - requires new connections between all the cell communities but may also engender new ideas for improvement in a continuous onward movement of improvement built on improvement, or "further gains". No intermediates, because improvements take place in existing organisms and won't survive unless they work. This explains the gaps in the fossil record: there are no gaps.

DAVID: This is stepwise without the steps. You keep fooling yourself: the fossil record shows a giant gap to get to the Cambrian. Even Darwin recognized this and thought intermediates would be found. His prediction, upon which he based his theory, failed!

No one has found an explanation for the gap. But a radical change in the environment (increase in oxygen?) might provide a massive range of new possibilities. Hence a massive surge in inventiveness.

dhw: Fantastic? I suspect that is the adjective many evolutionists would use about the idea that God implanted the very first cells with a computer programme containing every single improvement for the next few billion years.

DAVID: We don't know this is the method of a 'guided evolution'. It is one of many possibilities.

Apart from the 3.8-billion-year computer programme and the divine dabble (which is bringing you closer and closer to creationism), please tell us some of these many other possibilities you can envisage.

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