Evolution: materialism explanation doesn't work (Introduction)

by David Turell @, Thursday, October 11, 2018, 15:35 (248 days ago) @ dhw

dhw: Species die! I have never supported “evolution by natural selection”! Natural selection does not explain innovation, it only determines which organs/organisms SURVIVE! I don’t know why you keep trying to disagree with a statement we have agreed on over and over again. And balance of nature does not “provide food for all”. It simply keeps adjusting itself according to which organisms can survive in which environments. As you say, nothing to do with “the advance of life’s evolution”, which depends on innovation.

We agree we do not know why new species appear naturally.

DAVID: I've never supported mindless energy as first cause. God is first cause as a designing mind of pure energy. Give me the date and content of the quote you have scissored out of something to create a meaning I have never supported.

dhw: Of course you’ve never supported it. The mindless combination is the alternative first cause I keep proposing and repeated on Tuesday 9 October, as you yourself quoted above (now in bold), whereas the straw man alternative you attacked was a “total void” (also bolded), which I have never proposed but which you used to criticize my "irrational circular thinking". You tangled the thread - but it's not worth pursuing.


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