Sheldrake's Morphogenic Field - Innovation (Evolution)

by BBella @, Saturday, October 01, 2016, 23:06 (505 days ago) @ dhw

From my point of view, it is not collective information that creates (instead of “causes”) the innovation; it is the individual, conscious inventive ability of the fish. If we drop the word “cause”, I think we are in agreement.

But, I still cannot envision an individual even having the ability to choose to create without having information to choose from. We ourselves made up of information from the field and within the field. This begs the question, for me, is the consciousness that chooses a part of the field or separate from it? If it is separate, where is the line drawn between information and consciousness?

[bbella] If there were no memory there could be no cause to make decisions.[/i]

Agreed, but the decisions entail the organism's new use of the information. The remembered information does not innovate.

I'm still on the line here. If the information disappeared how could there be innovation? I am finding it more difficult than you to draw a definitive line between decision making and having information to choose from. Which innovates? They seem in cahoots to me - a symbiotic relationship. Again, is there consciousness without something to be conscious of?

I do not know whether the collective field can be regarded as a single conscious being (God), or as having any consciousness at all of its own.

The collective field has consciousness in the same sense that it has information. It is part of what makes up the collective field. All that is resides within the collective. Maybe consciousness is the automatic collector of memory that makes up the field, because without memory, is there consciousness? They seem one and the same to me.

It may simply be an ever expanding field of information that can only be accessed by individual consciousnesses.

Sheldrake's work/study on the collective (memory) field seems to disagree with your assessment. He has concluded, so far, even that which seems unconscious, like crystals and water, - are also able to access the collective memory field - quite quickly - according to fluidity. So, maybe all that IS, is able to access the field, because all that IS is the field, and dwells within a vibratory symbiotic relationship with itself - metaphorically, like a body.

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