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by dhw, Monday, September 19, 2016, 13:17 (856 days ago) @ David Turell

Dhw: I wish you did agree with me that the evolutionary process may be directed by cellular intelligence (the “it” you refer to), but your posts vary from day to day.
DAVID: I'm not wishy-washy. I've always agreed that God can give an inventive mechanism to organisms, but I've always said it had guidelines.

One moment you write: “I couldn't agree more that God may have given organisms the ability to 'work it out for themselves'. I would just like proof that such a mechanism exists. Until then pre-planning or dabble." The next moment, this ability has to be under God's guidance: “If organisms can work things out it will be by God's guidance thru a mechanism He has given them, that is intelligent information which makes it look like they are actually intelligent of their own accord.”

I replied: “If you are guided, you do not work things out for yourself. Divine guidance can only take the form of preplanning or dabbling. So apparently your statement means you agree that God may have given organisms the ability to be guided by preplanning or dabbling, but until that is proven, they are guided by preplanning or dabbling. When you agreed with me, I think you knew just what I meant by “work it out for themselves”!

And I still think you know. You then agreed categorically that you had excluded autonomous intelligence:
Dhw (under “denying Chomsky”): Either organisms are intelligent enough to do it themselves or your God tells them what to do. You clearly do not agree that God gave organisms the ability to work it out for themselves, and so there is no point in saying that you do. You have therefore restricted yourself to the belief that every innovation and natural wonder was preplanned or dabbled. (My bold)


But now you try to fudge the issue again by replacing guidance with “guidelines”. (Presumably something like: Thou shalt not do what thou canst not do.) Once more, “working things out for themselves” entails autonomous cellular intelligence. Either you agree that this is possible or you don't.

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