Ruminations on multiverses; Another view (Introduction)

by David Turell @, Monday, September 05, 2016, 18:24 (1399 days ago) @ dhw

dhw: Here are what I think most of us would call the proven facts (though some philosophers would doubt even that): there is a universe which contains Planet Earth, on which there is life, ranging from microorganisms to insects, fish, birds, and all sorts of animals including humans. Life in this earthly form demands a complex combination of conditions and materials. The atheist can take precisely the same facts and conclude that they are the result of one chance combination out of an infinite number of combinations. Why is his conclusion less factual or more hypothetical than yours? He can't prove chance, and you can't prove God. Over and over again, you have acknowledged that your conclusions do NOT depend on science or on facts but on faith, and I would say the same applies to the conclusions of the atheist.

It all depends on how you view 'chance' and the odds involved. The atheists have had to invent a multiverse to get rid of my fine tuning arguments. Invention is the sign of a weak argument.

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