Ruminations on multiverses; Another view (Introduction)

by dhw, Sunday, September 04, 2016, 13:01 (1400 days ago) @ David Turell

DAVID: You have simply sidestepped my statement of current measurements that show we have a flat universe that should continue to stretch out and finally die. And we see it actually flying apart at great speed based on the fully accepted supernova studies. I base my theories on what we observe as facts about this universe. I agree we don't know what preceded the arrival of this universe.

dhw: We do not even know if the universe is finite or infinite, and whether or not the big bang theory is correct, we do not - as you admit - know what preceded it. Current measurements can only be based on what is observable, and if the universe is infinite and eternal, the observable is relatively no bigger than a grain of sand on a beach zillions of miles long. Atheist scientists also base their theories on what are believed to be facts about this universe, so that argument doesn't help you much. As I see it (a purely subjective view, just like everybody else's), we have nothing but theories based on totally inadequate evidence. Hence, my hypothesis is no more and no less likely than any other.

DAVID: Atheists go well beyond the facts. They conjure up an unlimited universe which goes well beyond the CMB which they admit limits us to 300 million years after the big bang. It is best to deal with what we do know. The rest of the stuff you brought up is theoretical imagination.

I'm surprised you can't balance your statement by acknowledging that theists also go well beyond the facts. And I'm surprised you don't acknowledge that nobody even knows whether the universe is limited or unlimited. There are VAST gaps in our knowledge, and that is precisely why the rest of the stuff HAS to be theoretical imagination, and why my hypothesis is no more and no less likely than any other.

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