Dualism (Identity)

by David Turell @, Friday, May 15, 2020, 21:45 (442 days ago) @ dhw

dhw: You agree, and then once again you insist on muddying the waters! The dualist’s brain does not conceptualize, so how can it have networks for conceptualizing? […] If you think the brain has networks for conceptualizing – as it may well do – you are switching to materialism!

DAVID: All brain studies have found areas assigned to different tasks and different functions, the material side of the dualist theory.

dhw: If you assign conceptualizing to the brain, you are siding with materialists (and that may well be right. I am not taking sides.). Stop muddying the waters!

DAVID: The simplest summary is: the living soul initiates thought by using living brain networks, and I agree gets its info from the brain receiving stimuli.

dhw: Well, at least you’ve now dropped your materialist thinking, thought-producing, conceptualizing brain networks. I’m surprised that you don’t include the soul’s vital use of the brain to give material expression to its thoughts. And I don’t know why you use the word “initiate”, since the soul will continue to develop its thoughts and will continue to use the brain to gather information and express or implement its thoughts and concepts. But since you’ve already agreed to what I wrote originally, I think we should close the discussion – at least until the next time you produce a materialist version of your dualism.

I never have had a Materialist's view. Of course the soul must use the brain in life, and I'm sorry I confused you by specifying the known brain areas where this occurs. The soul cannot pick and choice which areas of the brain to use, as they are specific regions.

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