Information as the source of life; not by chance (Introduction)

by David Turell @, Sunday, January 12, 2020, 19:13 (213 days ago) @ dhw

DAVID: Random processes can only produce descriptive information which an observing mind will describe.

dhw: So you clearly agree that there is nothing backward in my statement. Thank you. And I think you also agree that we can finally dismiss the heading of this thread: information is not the source of life.

DAVID: I would agree that the presence of necessary information and its use is one of the bases of life.

dhw: Could anybody possibly disagree? I shan’t bother to repeat the statement you called “backward” which in fact you also now agree with, and of course you agree that information is not the source of life. Case closed?

Your editorial skills are recognized and conceded.

DAVID: I would repeat , logic requires a planing mind, which God has. How does your unconscious energy think? Since something cannot come from nothing, something has always existed. You do not address all the evidence, which most be considered.

dhw: Yes, something has always existed. Your question is wrongly phrased. We can agree that energy has always existed. The question therefore is: how does energy think?

DAVID: All we know is our material bodies and the material universe in which we live. But we deal in immaterial thoughts. You seem to agree that consciousness must precede this reality.

dhw: Of course consciousness precedes our immaterial thoughts. But we do not know the source of consciousness, which may or may not be material. You can ask how material can think, but you should also ask how energy can think. And there is no answer.

I know.

The rest of this post is covered in “David’s theory of evolution Part Two”.

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