An Alternative to Evolution: pt 2 (Introduction)

by David Turell @, Sunday, July 15, 2018, 15:21 (563 days ago) @ dhw

dhw: So if your God dabbles (as opposed to preprogrammes) something completely new, like the knotty nest or the first brain, he does not provide any new “information”?

DAVID: I saying He may not. Tony thinks He may.

dhw: So we can now abandon the dogmatic view that all the information was present at the beginning. It may have been. It may not have been. Thank you for the clarification.

I've always assumed the origin of life (which you refuse to add to the process of evolution) had to provide massive information to cover both form/structure and process/life homeostasis to the original life forms. Dabbling was a minor set of additional instructions primarily of form, not function, except the Cambrian where major functional processes had to be added. I've had a re-think: there were two major inputs of information at origin of life and at the Cambrian.

DAVID: I believe God guided an evolutionary process. I've never changed, and it is a third way not in your comment.

dhw: Then let us narrow the field: common descent is the opposite of separate creation. When your God dabbled, do you believe he dabbled with existing life forms or that he created them from scratch?

I believe God designed the Cambrian Explosion. Is that scratchiness enough?

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