More "miscellany" PART ONE (General)

by David Turell @, Thursday, November 24, 2022, 16:25 (6 days ago) @ dhw


DAVID: […] There is no argument cells operate intelligently. But we look from the outside. As we study the biochemistry of life on the inside, we find mind-boggling complexity, which logically leads to recognizing the need for a designing mind. Responding logic!

dhw: Yet again, you dodge from the point at issue to another which we have long since agreed on. I have never disputed the logic of the design theory. The issue here is whether cells have autonomous intelligence or not. You say 50/50, but 100% no they don’t.

Design theory accepts that calls are designed to produce all their functions by design. You give lip service to a theory you do not fully understand.

Primordial enhancers

DAVID: Yes, the first cells that lived became us by evolution. But how did those special first cells appear? By magic? By chance? Or by design.

dhw: How many more times must I repeat that they may have been designed by your God? The point of my comment was to clarify that the first cells paved the way for all future uses, but the future uses themselves arose in response to new conditions (my proposal) and not in anticipation of them (your proposal).

Again, does not explain the many gaps in evolution, especially the Cambrian.


dhw: I don’t recall complaining about Adler. I only know what you tell me, which is that our uniqueness provides evidence of God’s existence (which applies to all life’s complexities – hence ID), and that he does not cover your irrational theories about evolution which we spend so much time repeating.

DAVID: BUT HE DOES. He analyzes evolution as natural, or GOD guided. Concluding natural would not have produced us, then God did it.

dhw: Then tell me how Adler explains his all-powerful God’s need to design all the dead ends which did not lead to us and our food. If he is as mystified as you, then there is absolutely no point in your constantly referring to him.

Dead ends are your invented bogeyman. All evolutions must have dead ends. Pure fact. Accept it.


DAVID: Remember Bechly: most major fossil finds are in the past. The Cambrian gap remains at 410,000 years. The new forms would have needed many millions of years to evolve 'naturally'.

dhw: By “naturally” you obviously mean without God’s personal direction, or by chance.

DAVID: No, I'm referencing the 'timing problem', described here many times. Any progress to new species by new natural mutations will always take millions of years.

dhw: Why “no”? This is the same comment as above, and since you believe only God could have done it in such a comparatively short time, by “naturally” you obviously mean without God or by chance! And as usual my response is that if your God could do it in that time, he could also have created the mechanisms (intelligent cells)) to do it in that time.

But cells simply give the appearance of intelligence by direct design as above.

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