by David Turell @, Saturday, October 22, 2011, 14:56 (4565 days ago) @ George Jelliss

This seems to be Julian Baggini's continuation of his argument:

But I can't say he has reinvigorated the "god wars". He appears to argue that secular humanists and atheists may have as much trouble with science in future as religious believers have had. However as a rationalist-empiricist whose views are based on the scientific evidence I can't see how there can be any conflict for me. Baggini himself is to me a fluffy-minded philosopher who thinks in vague general concepts. I suspect that if he defined his terms precisely in the first place he would find that there is no problem.

George, I have to agree with you. Look at the final concluding paragraph:

"The upshot of this and last week's argument is that science is not such a large problem for religion as atheists suppose, but not such a small problem as the religious suppose, and not as much of an ally to humanists as they suppose. All of which means that science just isn't as central to the disputes between believers and atheists as almost everyone seems to suppose. It's time to move on."

As you know, I have no trouble with science, in fact having used it to rationally conclude there is a greater power. And the Catholic Church, especially in the Jesuit order does science research and adapts the findings to their teachings.

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