An Agnostic's Brief Guide... (General)

by dhw, Monday, January 01, 2024, 14:02 (111 days ago)

An Agnostic’s Brief Guide to the Universe”, with which I launched this website, was written 15 years ago and has undergone a few changes since then. I’ve now completed a “revised version”, which should replace the original. This can be accessed from the home page. New readers will automatically get the link, but Neil (who runs the website) tells me that existing readers – if they’re interested! – need to “refresh” their home page by pressing CONTROL and F5.

I’ll leave this post at the top of the list of new posts for a couple of weeks.

DAVID: I like the new edition with its new references to our discussions. I appreciate my mention.

dhw: Thank you.

There are several misprints in the text, thanks to my slovenly proofreading in my haste to get the new edition ready before the Christmas rush. I will get Neil, our web designer, to make the corrections as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, let's all hope and work for a 2024 with a bit more sanity in the world than we've experienced in 2023.

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