ecosystem importance: reintroduce top predators (Introduction)

by David Turell @, Sunday, February 20, 2022, 16:36 (129 days ago) @ David Turell

Benefits cited in new study:

"Reintroducing just 20 species of large mammals could help to restoring the world's biodiversity.

"Introducing these animals back into their historic ranges across the world could create the conditions necessary to allow these species to expand their ranges to cover over a quarter of the planet. This would help to restore ecosystems, lock away excess carbon dioxide and boost populations of other species.

"Lead author Dr. Carly Vynne says, "Our results give both hope and scope for reversing the depletion of intact fauna groupings via proactive, strategically implemented restoration programs.


"Reintroducing large mammals to their historic ranges is a common aspect of rewilding, where attempts are made to restore ecosystems to a 'natural' state which can regulate itself.


"This is the case for predatory mammals such as wolves, whose reintroduction is often controversial among some. However, studies do show that these animals have a significant impact on the environment through controlling herbivore populations, allowing plants and scavengers to flourish.

"As well as carnivores, the reintroduction of herbivores can also have significant impacts through dispersing seeds, recycling nutrients and helping to control fire by grazing.

"The researchers behind the current study wanted to investigate where the reintroduction of large mammals would have the greatest impact, and how it could be achieved. They found that only 20 key species, including 13 herbivores and seven predators, were needed to help biodiversity bounce back across the world."

Comment: makes the same point I've expressed in the past. Ecosystems provide the necessary food for all. They are complex and delicate and easy to damage. It is obvious a vast bush of life is necessary to set up these systems. I view this as one of God's major purposes as He created evolution with preparation for humans

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