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by dhw, Tuesday, November 09, 2021, 07:28 (201 days ago) @ David Turell

Cosmologic philosophy: dhw said once universe too big

DAVID: You don't recognize God's right to chose His method.

dhw: Of course I do (if he exists). What I can’t recognize is one grain of logic in the choice of purpose and method which you keep trying to impose on your God!

DAVID: History shows what God did. Evolution occurred and God did it. I've imposed nothing but claim it is God's work. Your objections are about God, not my acceptance of His works.

You have imposed a single purpose (to design humans plus food) and a method (to design countless life forms and food that had no connection with humans plus food). See “Giraffe plumbing” for this and other illogicalities which you continue to dodge.

David v Dawkins
dhw: This exchange began when I pointed out that your rigid faith in your belief that all changes were automatic (“but agree not absolutely proven as yet”) was as unscientific as Dawkins’ faith/hope that one day his faith in “the natural” would also be proven. My point is that such hope/faith is unscientific, although you both like to think of yourselves as scientists.

DAVID: Both Dawkins and I might hope for findings that support our theories, but I know I'll change if required by new findings, and assume Dawkins will also.

Of course you will both change if there are findings that disprove your respective theories once and for all. Otherwise, you will both continue, in your unscientific way, to hope and have faith that your rigid beliefs will be confirmed in the future, and any other beliefs should be ridiculed or ignored.

Strange changes in DNA form
DAVID: the appearance of New World monkeys is estimated at 35-70 million years ago. Gaps are everywhere.

dhw: […] millions, hundreds of millions, thousands of millions of years – and yet you expect fossils of every form that ever existed!

DAVID: Nice gloss, yourself. Gaps are everywhere and you wish them away. Only disappeared gaps will help you.

dhw: I don’t need help and I don’t wish for anything, because I do not have any fixed beliefs. I push alternatives to your rigid beliefs because I find them either unlikely or totally illogical. This applies to your illogical, anthropocentric theory of evolution, your confusion over our descent from bacteria and from species without precursors (Cambrian), your all-powerful God who can’t control or even correct errors in his design, and also to your rejection of logical alternatives solely on the grounds that they contradict your rigid beliefs!

DAVID: The confusion about our descent from bacteria is your distortions of my thoughts presented here.

What distortion? See “Giraffe plumbing”.

DAVID: Your amorphous thoughts about God introduce a very humanized form who then makes very human-like decisions.

They are not in the least amorphous: one is an experimental scientist with one goal, one is an experimental scientist eager to learn and come up with new ideas, and one wants to enjoy creating and watching his creations – in this case, I propose that his enjoyment will be greater if the spectacle is unpredictable, so he creates a free-for-all. Your silly “humanizing” argument has been demolished over and over again, not only by your own humanizations, but also by your agreement that we mimic him and that he probably/possibly has thought patterns, emotions and logic similar to ours.

Sensing autonomic activity
QUOTE: Rolls’ study shows “there is a driver,” he said. “There is someone who decides whether to hit the brake or the gas pedal.”

DAVID: the autonomic system runs body processes automatically, but this shows the brain keeps track of it all and can modulate responses. A very neat design. We are busy with our own external affairs, so our internal affairs need to run on their own, but have a backup the brain keeps and automatic eye on what's happening and avoid overreactions. Not by chance.

Rolls opts for a driver who makes decisions. These decisions, whether you like it or not, are made by the cells. If the brain keeps track, modulates, it is presumably the “driver” that controls and takes decisions. And the brain consists of various communities of cells working together. Decision-making is not an automatic action.

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