The simplest explanation? (Evolution)

by dhw, Saturday, October 10, 2020, 09:07 (378 days ago) @ David Turell

dhw: I still don’t see how research can advance the theory that God wouldn’t design cellular intelligence, or that he preprogrammed or dabbled every life form etc. in the history of life. You rejected Shapiro’s theory because no one had “advanced” it. Will you now reject your own theory on the same grounds, or will you withdraw that objection?

DAVID: Misinterpretation of how I view Shapiro: excellent research, no proof of his theory of how speciation occurs. I'm waiting for confirmation.

You wrote: “My theory is not any more scientific than Shapiro’s. My point is that no one has advanced it in any way.” Hence my comment above. No one has advanced your own theory that God preprogrammed or dabbled every life form in the history of life, and there is no proof of it. May I assume, then, that you have NOT rejected Shapiro’s theory but are simply waiting for confirmation both of his and of yours? If so, I fear you will have to wait for a very long time!

dhw: My interpretations are all “fully purposeful” and in all of them God gets what he wants. “God-lite” is a silly expression to describe a God who gets what he wants. Please forget about our subjective differences and tell us whether my “simplest explanation” fits the FACTS of history or not.

DAVID: It all depends of the viewpoint one gives God. Your humanized God does things that fit history, but doesn't describe the God I believe in.

Thank you for acknowledging that my proposal fits the facts of history. Please note that it is fully purposeful and God gets what he wants.

DAVID: Evolution is very straight forward from somewhat simple to extremely complex.

dhw: It is not “very straightforward” at all. It branches out in all kinds of directions, which is what makes a nonsense of your theory that every branch and twig served the one purpose of producing one species and its food supply.

DAVID: Back to denying God's design of evolution, and necessary food supply. Each branch of life is light-years more complex than original life.

See “error corrections” re design and your avoidance of the issue bolded there.

DAVID: Cells do not have enough ability to foresee future requirements in design at the currently demonstrated ability. All they do is run their factories and produce. All it all looks very intelligent, because they were designed that way.

dhw: Cells do not have to “foresee” anything. Cells react to requirements as they arise. Once they have met those requirements, they will continue to deal with them automatically until new requirements arise. I don’t know why you assume that cells which “look” intelligent are NOT intelligent.

DAVID: You do know why. Programmed which makes them look intelligent. God the designer.

I don’t know why you assume that organisms which look intelligent are not intelligent but preprogrammed. God can be the designer of either version.

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