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by David Turell @, Wednesday, November 20, 2019, 18:09 (310 days ago) @ dhw

DAVID: I always try to educate. The weirdness of the actual experiments on the quantum particles cannot be denied, when it understood their final combinations in real objects are so different, as your bus.

dhw: I have never denied the weirdness of the experiments, and I keep agreeing that the behaviour of the final combinations is totally different from that of the individuals. I disagree with Kastner that the behaviour of the latter is more real than that of the former. You appear to have accepted this. I remain uncertain as to whether the behaviour of the latter creates the behaviour of the former, but you may be right. You do not ALWAYS try to educate. On controversial subjects such as the existence of God or your extraordinary theory of evolution, you try to persuade others that you are right and they are wrong! In such discussions you cannot be called the teacher, although – just like those whose equally subjective views are the exact opposite of your own – you would like to think you are!

DAVID: I agree that my subjective views are my own interpretation the the scientific facts I teach. I would add that the quantum level of reality and our level of reality are both equally real and I think Kastner probably viewed it that way.

dhw: You are a brilliant science teacher, but you are just as aware as I am that science cannot answer any of the major questions we keep discussing. And on these questions, I suggest that our levels of knowledge are equal, since nobody knows the answers! So long as we agree that quantum reality and our own reality are equally real, we can close the discussion.

Agreed. closed

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