Reality (General)

by George Jelliss ⌂ @, Crewe, Tuesday, November 05, 2019, 14:47 (329 days ago) @ dhw

I agree with most of DHWs comments here (though not having read either the book or the review). Where I differ slightly is in the nature of "objective reality". The evidence from modern quantum science appears to be that on the smallest scales reality becomes rather "fuzzy". So any objectivity can only be of a probabilistic or statistical kind.

In a later comment DM suggests "We know that the structure of the brain and the universe are very similar". However, the only similarity I can see is that they can both be regarded as complex systems, but they are systems of very different kinds. The structure of a brain is like a network of linkages, whereas the universe is a distribution of bodies (from subatomic particles to clumps of galaxies) rather loosely held together by various forces.


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