Divine purposes and methods (Evolution)

by David Turell @, Thursday, January 10, 2019, 19:57 (551 days ago) @ dhw

DAVID: Again pins and angels. My reasoning is from facts.

dhw: We are looking at the same facts: Life's history has produced a vast diversity of forms extant and extinct; humans, with their exceptional intelligence, are the last so far. All the above interpretations fit in logically and comprehensibly with these facts. Your own reasoning leads you to a conclusion that you cannot understand. So maybe your conclusion is less likely to be true than any of the above.

DAVID: I read God's mind logically, because I don't embellish with endless suppositions of what He might have thought along the way of conducting evolution.

dhw: Mind reading entails supposing what someone is thinking, and your reading of your God’s mind - let's spell it out once more - is that his sole purpose was to specially design H. sapiens, but for 3.5+ billion years he specially designed lots and lots of other life forms so that they could eat one another, and you can’t understand why he chose that method of specially designing H. sapiens. But you call it logical.

Let's try my logical approach again: Humans are the current endpoint of evolution. You can't disagree with that. If God is in control, as I believe, it has to be His goal. We cannot know about a future goal. Since He is in control we must accept He chose to evolve us over 3.8 billion years, since that is what happened. I don't question why. You do. You look for all sorts of reasoning that God might have indulged in. Why bother if it is assumed He is in total control of events. The one logical reason for diversity is the need to eat by setting up ecosystems or econiches for food supply. I don't question God's form of methodology. You do as you look at possible human reasoning for setting up the evolution picture we know exists. Nothing illogical to me. Totally your problem. I cannot explain God's choices, just simply interpret what facts are presented.

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