Dualism versus materialism (Identity)

by David Turell @, Friday, July 28, 2017, 18:50 (602 days ago) @ dhw

DAVID: In my view the brain as a receiver of consciousness can only use consciousness to the degree that it is enlarged and more complex.

dhw: First quote: you “keep telling me” you/your consciousness use your brain, and now you tell me your brain “uses” you/your consciousness! Yet again: according to your dualism, it is your will/imagination/inventiveness that issue instructions to your brain, which can only carry them out if it is large and/or complex enough to do so.

I keep telling you the whole arrangement is seamless. It is an equal back and forth activity as I visualize it. I get to my consciousness through the activity of my brain. I formulate an action and through my consciousness I control my brain to do it.

DAVID: Therefore habilis is incapable of imagining or inventing what erectus can. This is what the facts show based on the artifacts each species produced.

dhw: No, the facts only show the implementation of the ideas. Yet again: According to your beliefs, the bigger brain is not necessary for the imagining of ideas (which is done by the “soul”), but it is necessary for the implementation. The idea is what demands the expansion of the brain: pre-erectus had the idea, and the implementation led to the expanded brain of erectus. If new ideas are the product of the soul, it makes no sense to say they cannot be imagined until the brain is enlarged.

It only makes sense to you, not me. The artifacts tell us what each brain size is capable of conceiving.

dhw: Same process for expansion. Ideas (soul) followed by implementation (brain). New ideas do not depend on the expansion of the brain.

The artifacts tell us what a new sized brain can do. A smaller brain does not know what it does not know. Only a larger brain can conceive of newer ideas to invent. I think we should end this. We will never agree.

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