Dualism versus materialism (Identity)

by David Turell @, Thursday, July 20, 2017, 17:07 (725 days ago) @ dhw
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DAVID: The artifacts found with each stage of human development show advances in thought which at the same time is evidenced by a larger brain being present. You do not want to accept the logic of those findings. The artifacts must necessarily appear after the arrival of the larger brained hominin who then thought of the m ore complex artifacts.

dhw: Of course I accept the logic of those findings! What I do not accept is the illogicality of your belief that the “soul” produced the new ideas, but the new ideas were not possible without the enlarged brain! If you are right, then the only logical explanation is that the large brain was needed to IMPLEMENT the new ideas, and so yes indeed the artifacts only appeared (as opposed to their being conceived) when the large brain arrived. Ideas first, large brain and implementation second.

A very twisted conclusion. If the artifacts appear after the brain is larger, then a larger brain is required for those ideas. Your logic: habilis thought of a spear with a stone tip, but couldn't do it until his brain enlarged as erectus! You will do anything to avoid the idea that the new brain is given to the newer species. You want the older species to a create a drive for a bigger brain as if they recognize what they do not know and cannot do!

DAVID: Habilis had hand used stone tools, not the spears of erectus. And the history of sapiens shows complex thought development in the past 50,000 years after existing for 250,000 prior years without much complexity appearing. That does not fit your scenario, especially since the brain shrinks as the thought complexity appears.

dhw: I am aware of the history, which does not in any way alter your own dualistic belief that the ideas came from the “soul” and not from the brain. Ideas first, large brain and implementation second, if your dualistic beliefs are correct. Large brain engendering new ideas if the materialists are correct. Shrinkage only appears after the brain has reached what appears to be its optimum size. That is why the illiterate women implemented the “new” idea of reading through densification, not through expansion.

Answered above. My immaterial self makes the ideas and thoughts in my material brain. Dualism as I see it.

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