Holographic Universe: The old and new (General)

by dhw, Monday, August 29, 2016, 12:40 (538 days ago) @ BBella

BBELLA: I found this video interview with David Bohm which talks about the fragments and the wholeness. This was the very first interview that caught my eye of David Bohm (altho I read the written interview at the time). He delves a bit deeper into why understanding the wholeness and it's implication, is imperative for the future of mankind. I hope you can find time to watch it.


I have finally managed to watch it, though it made for rather sad and painful watching. I looked up Wikipedia afterwards, and read that Bohm suffered from depression and died about three years after the interview.

I found a lot of what he said rather incoherent, which may well have been due to his nervousness, but I admired his honesty in acknowledging that all world views are subjective and limited. In the broadest of contexts, he contrasts the view of the universe as a whole with the view that it consists of individual parts. (The distinction between parts and fragments was clear and significant, in that parts function but fragments don't.) Personally, however, I see no reason why one should not hold both views. In some aspects of our existence we are linked with everything else, and in others we are isolated. The same applies to every other lump of matter.

In a narrower context, though, I don't think any of us on this website would disagree that humans need to think of the world as a whole, both socially and ecologically. Unfortunately, neither history nor the current orientation of our world suggests this will ever happen.

The two interviews (the other having been with Michael Talbot) left me feeling very sad at the fate of these two brilliant men, but I do see why their ideas are so attractive, linking physics, the paranormal and eastern mysticism. This gives me a much better insight into the ideas you yourself have been putting forward. Many thanks again for the references.

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