Holographic Universe: The old and new (General)

by dhw, Friday, August 26, 2016, 11:58 (573 days ago) @ dhw

BBELLA: Here is an interview with Michael Talbot discussing his research of the idea of the universe as similar to a hologram and it's implications. This is an older video but gives an overview of what, at that time, was just the tip of the iceberg of the holographic theory. (be patient/open-minded with some of the far out things mentioned).


I've now listened to this interview, for which many thanks. I think that at last I understand the concept of the holographic universe, and will happily withdraw my objections to the term! I also understand why this concept is so important for your own way of thinking, BBella, and there are lots of things here that make perfect sense to me as well: the subjectivity of perception, the power of mind and belief over body, and the possibility of realities that are different from our own (but not necessarily more real). My mind is not closed to the far out things he mentions: I worked as a teacher in Ghana for four years, and learned far more than I taught. The far out things he talks about are not so far out in African culture!

At one point, Talbot talks of the whole being contained in the part. I have often thought in terms of the macrocosm being reflected by the microcosm: the universe is a macroscopic body, the body is a microscopic universe, and the cell is a microscopic body. But how much of the whole is in the part, and how far one can take the interconnectedness of all things is a different matter. I have to climb back onto my fence for that one.

Most of the interview, however, concerns psychic phenomena, and for me as a non-scientist these provide a far clearer approach to the complexities of “reality” than the quantum route. The latter is beyond my comprehension, and I shall have to leave it to you and David to discuss the implications of an infinite vacuum medium and the fractal geometry of spacetime.

I was shocked to read that Talbot died of lymphocytic leukemia at the age of 38. In the light of the interview, there is a terrible irony in this, which will not have been lost on the sceptics.

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