Holographic Universe: The old and new (General)

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BBELLA: Here is an interview with Michael Talbot discussing his research of the idea of the universe as similar to a hologram and it's implications. This is an older video but gives an overview of what, at that time, was just the tip of the iceberg of the holographic theory. (be patient/open-minded with some of the far out things mentioned).


I've now listened to this interview, for which many thanks. I think that at last I understand the concept of the holographic universe, and will happily withdraw my objections to the term! I also understand why this concept is so important for your own way of thinking,

So very thankful you have finally got a peek into this concept and now understand more about it and why it is important for my way of thinking/being. Probably selfish on my part, but I had hoped for some understanding of my perception or view (which I find hard to express at times) and why this subject was one of the very first, if not the first thing I mentioned in my first few visits here on the forum. At the time, I was looking to explore with others this concept and it's implications. Much time has passed since, but I am very glad I stayed around even though we've not stepped into this realm of conversation often, I feel like we may have finally crossed a hurdle/wall/barrier.

At one point, Talbot talks of the whole being contained in the part. I have often thought in terms of the macrocosm being reflected by the microcosm: the universe is a macroscopic body, the body is a microscopic universe, and the cell is a microscopic body. But how much of the whole is in the part, and how far one can take the interconnectedness of all things is a different matter. I have to climb back onto my fence for that one.

I think the fence is the best view from which to explore this subject and your question (of how far one can take the interconnectedness of all things). After the incident with my illness, coming from my out of body experience, I became aware that there is much to explore that I didn't know, and that everything I did know would probably get in the way. So I had to get on the fence and wipe my mind clean of what I thought I knew (about the world/universe/humans/etc). It was then that I began to witness the wholeness of all things and it's interconnectedness. What I saw, I found very hard to express with words. In doing research on Quantum reality, I stumbled upon David Bohm on the internet, which then led me to Krishnamurti and then to Sheldrake - all expressed concepts (each in their own way) of what I was witnessing. Then I found Michael Talbot's Holographic Universe and purchased his book. It was his book that expressed, or more clearly put together, many of the things that I was observing. Once I had observed these things I couldnt unsee them or ignore it - but I also didnt have the words for it. I tried to piece it together with my poetry and art. But that only felt like looking at waves and particles not their connectedness. So I was very excited to find these 4: Bohm, Krisnamurti, Sheldrake and Talbot - that expressed this wholeness and it's connectedness in a way that I could relate to.

Most of the interview, however, concerns psychic phenomena, and for me as a non-scientist these provide a far clearer approach to the complexities of “reality” than the quantum route. The latter is beyond my comprehension, and I shall have to leave it to you and David to discuss the implications of an infinite vacuum medium and the fractal geometry of spacetime.

I have no problem leaving QM part behind, because as Bohm says: (paraphrased) we can talk about the fragments and independent parts (quantum level of what IS) and try and understand their meaning, but until we talk about the wholeness, we really arent getting anywhere.

I was shocked to read that Talbot died of lymphocytic leukemia at the age of 38. In the light of the interview, there is a terrible irony in this, which will not have been lost on the sceptics.

I was also very sad and shocked when I found out about his death. There was quite a conspiracy surrounding his death (surprise!) at the time. But regardless, he never claimed to be an expert in manipulating or understanding What IS, only that he could see the wholeness and it's implications and was able to logically express in words how quite a few dots were connected in the wholeness.

I found this video interview with David Bohm which talks about the fragments and the wholeness. This was the very first interview that caught my eye of David Bohm (altho I read the written interview at the time). He delves a bit deeper into why understanding the wholeness and it's implication, is imperative for the future of mankind. I hope you can find time to watch it.


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