Holographic Universe: The old and new (General)

by dhw, Thursday, August 25, 2016, 21:04 (541 days ago) @ BBella

BBELLA: Here is an interview with Michael Talbot discussing his research of the idea of the universe as similar to a hologram and it's implications. This is an older video but gives an overview of what, at that time, was just the tip of the iceberg of the holographic theory. (be patient/open-minded with some of the far out things mentioned).


Here is a newer website that speaks in depth with more research combining the holographic and fractal principles.


The reason I feel the holographic principle and other similar scientific studies are important is because they come as close as science has yet come to connecting the dots of many mysteries in our world, and I believe that the research into this principle will be able to answer most every question we have asked (or left hanging) here on this forum.

I need more time to watch the interview. Maybe that will be clearer for me than the article, which I have now read and which is well beyond my very limited range of comprehension. I shall have to take your word for it that it may one day explain the origin of the universe, life, consciousness etc., and I hope you'll be proved right!

Meanwhile, here are a couple of quotes which perhaps you can explain to me:

QUOTE: This continuous cycle of implosion and expansion produce the forces of nature known as Gravitation and Electromagnetism.

The article takes the big bang for granted, but elsewhere also talks of universes. If there is a continuous cycle of implosion and explosion, why should we assume that the big bang itself was anything but one in a series of such outward/inward movements? The experts always tell us that the big bang was not actually a bang, but that doesn't alter the fact that if the matter we know produces continuous implosion and expansion, this may have been the pattern for eternity.

QUOTE: The vacuum energy is a sea of potential - pure nothingness. However, nothing remains nothing unless there is motion, unless there is disturbance of the vacuum symmetry which collapse infinite potential into differentiated form. Through this collapse an extremely small amount of energy from the vacuum field enters a polarized spin dynamic, a toroidal topological entity, which appears as definite form and movement. The vacuum moves from being invisible, immeasurable potential to assuming a particulate and localized form - a photon, an atom, a man, a star, a galaxy, a universe. In reality it's only a tiny vortex in an endless ocean - Absolute energy in motion.

I simply do not understand how "pure nothingness" can engender motion, can be disturbed, can then “collapse”, can then spin, and already contains energy which can then transform itself into matter. Why should we assume that the beginning was pure nothingness? Why not assume that the beginning was energy constantly transforming itself into matter?

QUOTE: In the end the unified view presents us with a world in which we are all united through a fractal geometry of spacetime, intrinsically connecting all things via the infinite vacuum medium. This fundamental understanding of reality truly promises to unite the countless fields of Human endeavor, from spiritual understanding to technological engineering, and lift them all to a completely new level. With this knowledge we may understand more deeply our communion with each other and with Nature, and develop technologies that utilize the primordial power of the Universe to lift our collective consciousness beyond the Earth and into the stars.

As I see it, humans are all connected by their humanness; we are also connected to all other living forms by common aims and experiences; we are also connected to Nature through our dependence on it; we are also connected to the rest of the universe because it has created the conditions that enable us to live. It may also be that there are other forms of life in the universe, that our own life may take on another form (e.g. in life after death), and that the primordial energy of the universe is a conscious God to whom we are all connected. Maybe, maybe, maybe. But I doubt very much (more fool me, perhaps) that I myself will understand all this more deeply through a fractal geometry of spacetime and an infinite vacuum medium!

I'll try to watch the Talbot interview soon.

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