Evolutionary theory cannot be falsified (Introduction)

by dhw, Sunday, April 02, 2017, 13:14 (472 days ago) @ David Turell

TONY: I prefer to infer his characteristics by the examination of his creation. A preference which is supported in the biblewhen it stays that all that can be known the creator can be learned by studying his creation

DAVID: Exactly as I do it, and the Quran agrees.

Dhw: David, I thought you prided yourself on not inferring ANY of your God’s characteristics, as that means humanizing him.

DAVID: If you read my comment, it clearly said 'to each his own': "Each of us can then shape the designer's characteristics as each of us wills". The word characteristics can obviously mean no human aspects.

Characteristic: “distinguishing quality, attribute or trait” (Encarta). By studying your God’s creations, have you therefore reached the conclusion that he definitely has no quality, attribute or trait in common with humans? Or do you think he might just possibly have such attributes as loneliness, boredom, curiosity, interestedness, humour, love, dislike, aesthetic pleasure etc., all of which I must confess I think I have noticed in his creations (I am wearing my theist hat). Of course, to anticipate your favourite response, we cannot “know” his characteristics – as Tony says, we can only infer them – but that applies equally to the argument that he has none. It is all a matter of what you believe. Do you actually believe he has none of the above attributes? If so, are they all the inventions of his creations?

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