Evolutionary theory cannot be falsified (Introduction)

by David Turell @, Monday, March 27, 2017, 01:26 (476 days ago)

This is a quote from Cornelius Hunter who does not believe in the evolutionary process or Darwin theory:


"Being an evolutionist means there is no bad news. If new species appear abruptly in the fossil record, that just means evolution operates in spurts. If species then persist for eons with little modification, that just means evolution takes long breaks. If clever mechanisms are discovered in biology, that just means evolution is smarter than we imagined. If strikingly similar designs are found in distant species, that just means evolution repeats itself. If significant differences are found in allied species, that just means evolution sometimes introduces new designs rapidly. If no likely mechanism can be found for the large-scale change evolution requires, that just means evolution is mysterious. If adaptation responds to environmental signals, that just means evolution has more foresight than was thought. If major predictions of evolution are found to be false, that just means evolution is more complex than we thought."

There is another problem with Darwin taken from the book, Darwin's House of Cards by Tom Bethell, 2017: If the arrival of a new species waits upon the appropriate random mutations, "such a time-consuming method rendered implausible that claim that the same species could evolve more than once." It should be in one "center of origin' (Darwin's term)."Yet we plainly do find the same species in different locations---sometimes widely separated." Darwin suggested migration as the answer. I would point out plate tectonics and continent migration. Monkeys on Africa and South America are related. But it is still a problem to consider as did the Wistar Institute, 1967, offered the opinion that the obvious length of time for new species rendered Darwin inoperative. Looking at the speed of human evolution over an eight million year period as they left apes behind and unchanged is the best case in point. It is for reasons like this and Hunter's point that make me believe in a God-guided evolution to manage these objections. It appears to me, with firm conviction, that evolution did happen, but never by Darwin's theory. Darwin had a brilliant intellect, but theorized from ignorance of today's knowledge. If he lived today, I believe he would not have written 'Origins".

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